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NV Lic #0075307, Bonded & Insured

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Cordan LLC Electrical Services


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Serving Southern Nevada


NV Lic #0075307, Bonded & Insured


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 Kenneth of Las Vegas, NV


It was an Angie's List deal. They are excellent to work with. The cost wouldn't even cover the retail

cost of the surge protector, so that was a great deal. They are on my rolodex for who I call if I have any

electrical issues. One of the owners came out to complete the job. They were very professional in the way they did the installation. It turned out to be very neat. I was very confident that it had been done correctly, so I didn't have any worries about it. I don't think there is anything they need to work on.


Melissa of North Las Vegas, NV


He called 15 minutes before he arrived and was on time. I explained what I needed done. He looked up the type of light I had outside so he properly set it up and replaced the bulb. Explained about the wiring for the kitchen. Since I have 10 ft. ceilings it was great he could replace the lights with Led lights. It was wonderful I could understand him when he explained things to me.

Christopher of Las Vegas, NV


Installed security light on exterior of house and ran conduit and power. Tech was incredibly professional and friendly and even more knowledgeable. He was able to take the idea of what I wanted and find the easiest and cheapest way to make it happen!

Frank - Henderson, NV


He came out for a rush job, was very knowledgeable, very courteous and it only took him 5 minutes to repair the issue.

Sherry - Las Vegas, NV


Excellent! Worker was friendly,informative and wasted no time getting the job done. Will call them again for any electrical work.

Catherine - Las Vegas, NV


I can't say enough good things about this company.... they are terrific! My whole experience... from my initial call with Charlene through my entire "electrical wish list!" Charlene has great "people skills" and she scheduled enough time for the work performed and kept me informed.


There was an initial evaluation appointment and I did pay a traveling fee for the was worth it! Danny came up with other ideas for the end product of what I wanted,


Electrician Jonathan and Phil arrived on time each day, worked quickly and cleaned up upon leaving. Jonathan also kept me informed and took my input, so everything turned out just like I wanted!


I had a lot of work done but to name my tasks.... wired and installed 5 LED recessed lighting with dimmers in 4 rooms, Kitchen, hallway and master bath recessed lighting updated to LED, wired and installed a foyer light, changed out a dining room light, installed light sensor in garage, installed 3 LED lighting fixtures in garage, changed smoke detector back up batteries, installed an additional hardwire smoke and carbon dioxide detector, change all lamps in my existing 10ft ceiling light fixtures, adding occupancy light to master bath toilet room and guest powder room, adding motion sensor light to front door light, prep electrical for outside lights, add art lighting, update 2 thermostat control units, label electrical panel, wire canister lighting for nook decor, adding above cabinet lights in kitchen.


I still have them coming back to wire and install a lighting fixture over my new counter top! Also, change out 2 patio fixtures when i am ready They can expertly handle small and large jobs. EVERYTHING was done just as I wanted!


Thank you Cordan Electric!!!!!!!

Jeff - Las Vegas, NV


We were unable to tap into existing fan circuit for power so a new plan was needed. A couple of options were discussed and we agreed on running power from the smoke alarm circuit to the newly installed ceiling lights and using a remote style light switch with a built in dimmer.


Jonathan prepared the area and covered furniture with drop clothes prior to beginning work. He cut the holes for the new lights right where we had discussed and wired the new lights. After testing the newly installed lights, he showed us how the remote and dimmer feature worked and then thoroughly cleaned up the work area and replaced the furniture.


Some creative thinking to overcome an initial show stopping problem resulted in an excellent installation and two fully satisfied customers. We would ask for Jonathan for any future work!

James - Las Vegas, NV


Called on Monday morning and was able to get an appt. on Friday afternoon between 2-6.  The woman I spoke to was very professional, courteous and very helpful.  She explained everything to me including an additional fee that might apply (attic charge for the ceiling fan wiring) if the tech had to go into the attic.  On Wednesday they called to move the time if I was available which I wasn't available but we were able to work out a good time that worked for me.  The tech Daniel called about 10 minutes late from the scheduled time and stated he was on his way and would be there in 10 minutes.  He arrived when he said and I walked him through everything that needed to be done.  He finished all the "misc." items first as the wiring for the fan was a flat charge.  He was very helpful as I also had some questions regarding some other work I was thinking about having them do.  He did have to get into the attic to complete the wiring so I did have the additional fee.  He did have to run to Home Depot to get a part that he didn't have the right size for when he did the wiring (he told me what it was but really couldn't tell you what it was - really wasn't paying attention as there was no extra charge).  He came back finished the job and walked me through all the work he completed.


Daniel was very professional, courteous, pet friendly (my dog wouldn't leave him alone as she was by his side the entire time wanting to play), and respectful.


This is the 2nd time I have used Cordan and have their contact info saved as will use them again in the future if I ever need an electrician.  I highly recommend them.



Joey - Las Vegas , NV


Well, it was rough at first. I had bought the 2 hour service package because I didn't know what I needed to fix the fuse problem. He came early, was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The only downfall at that time was, I paid for a 2 hour service, plus $15 extra for parts, for a 15 minute repair. Then the fuse blew again a couple of weeks later. I called the company and talked to the owner, who was very courteous and understanding of the whole situation. She sent out the technician the next day to fix the fuse again, as well as do a Home Safety Inspection to make up for the rest of the 2 hour service. I'm glad he did that Inspection because I learned several oddities about my house, for instance how my bathrooms that are on opposite ends of my home, are on the same circuit, and how when the previous owner stole the original A/C unit, he left the connecting wires, including the "hot wire" uncapped, covered in wooden debris and hidden behind the home. We were lucky it hadn't caused a fire or short thus far, and he was able to correct that immediately! I would definitely recommend Cordan to any one who asks!



David - Las Vegas, NV


Arrived a little late, had wife's car so had to make a couple of trips to the hardware store (sounds like me), but work was done well, clean, and quickly.



Richard - Las Vegas, NV


I had a cabinet person hit the main line and took out the electricity. Cordan Came on a weekend evening and fixed when no one else could come for less than $200.



Lisa of Las Vegas, NV


Jonathan was fantastic.  He installed our lights Saturday afternoon...then called me Saturday night to make sure they were working okay (did the solar lights).  Amazing.  Would love to use them in the future when we put new lights in our backyard.  Would highly recommend using them if you need electrical work done.  Thank you again!


John of Las Vegas NV


We purchased a commitment for a 1/2 day of service by an electrician. The provider arrived on time and immediately began the jobs indicated (installation of 3 ceiling fans in 3 bedrooms--fans provided by me) and rewiring of landscape lighting that had not worked since purchase of the home. All jobs were completed in a timely manner, including the outside rewiring. The electrician took one brief break on a day with temps around 105. He cleaned up all areas after completing his work.


Kathy - Las Vegas, NV


The repair man was sent to the wrong address so he was late, that didn't really bother me as it wasn't his fault. When he did arrive he didn't seem very eager to check the outlets we were having problems with.  He said that he was only instructed to hang the ceiling fan and didn't want to check them, however, we persuaded him to check. There was a specific outlet we wanted addressed, the one that controlled the garbage disposal. He kept saying that it was the disposal and didn't want to look at it, again we persuaded him.  He eventually checked it realized it was indeed the outlet, which he replaced. It now works perfectly. He was very insistent that he would not check any of the other ones. He then went about installing the ceiling fan( which hangs from a 16  ft ceiling).  He did a really good job.


At the end of the visit he insisted that there was a $25 "trip fee" which my mother in law paid in cash.  He did not provide a receipt (she did this without telling me). I felt like the repair man just gave himself a $25 tip as this "trip fee" was never disclosed to us prior to his arrival, however I cannot prove this.


I was not thrilled over all with his service especially with the hesitance to provide basic services. I paid him for two hours of labor, I did not pay him specifically to install my ceiling fan. I would give a lower rating, however the work he did do was done very well, and the price was fair.


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